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The knee is one of the most common places for injury, especially for anyone that is active in sports.  Knee pain causes you to stop your hobbies and activities, and can affect your daily life and even sleep.

As with most areas where surgical evasive procedures are commonplace, at HealthSource we utilize our Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab methods to prevent unnecessary surgeries.

Injuries to the knee include:  Knee Ligament Injuries, Meniscal Tears, Bursitis, Fractures, Tendonitis, Osteoarthritis, Patellar Dislocation and even Gout!  Ligament tears, especially in the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) are the most common in athletically active people, and actually happen in women 7-8 times more frequently to women than men!

When you have pain in your knee, HealthSource Chiropractors will treat it with our exclusive Progressive Rehab™ program.  It is a process and system designed by HealthSource Chiropractors to eliminate pain, then fix or stabilize the injured area to keep you pain free and functioning at your best for years to come.

Progressive Rehab™ is the combination of precise chiropractic adjustments with pain relieving and stabilizing rehab therapies . This allows us to address the muscles, joints, and alignment in the same visit offering quick relief of pain and nerve pressure.

We also will utilize Rock Tape and Mojo Feet Orthotics to help in the Progressive Rehab process.

So if you have pain in your knee, make an appointment with a HealthSource Chiropractor today to determine your best path to returning to an active, pain-free lifestyle!

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