HealthSource Chiropractic - Numbness & Tingling

If you are experiencing numbness or tingling, you need to take it seriously, because it is your body telling you that something is wrong!

These indicators to a HealthSource Chiropractor allow them to find the source of the issue and resolve it BEFORE it turns into a serious, lifestyle-altering condition!

Most tingling happens in the head, eyes, fingers, hands and feet; the extremities where the source of the pain is radiating down to the farthest reaches.

HealthSource Chiropractors use Chiropractic adjustments, in conjunction with therapy, progressive rehab, exercise, stretching, and nutrition to find the source, relieve the issue and pain, and keep it from coming back.

Call your HealthSource Chiropractor today to schedule your wellness screening and put a stop to your numbness and tingling today before it turns into something serious!

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