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HealthSource is very pleased to announce their partnership with Mojo Feet to produce the best custom orthotic products available on the market.  We found that the Mojo Feet philosophy had a strong synergy with the HealthSource Total Wellness approach to a pain-free, active, healthy lifestyle!

At MojoFeet, they use clinical and bioengineering expertise to focus on one thing – helping people move better.  Their endeavors to improve human movement have led to the following observations and beliefs:

  1. Health begins, remains, and sustains with movement.
  2. We were ‘made to move’. Our bodies are designed to feel best when moving. That design was no mistake.
  3. We weren’t ‘made to move’ on concrete.  Our environment is getting in the way of us moving often and moving well.  We have covered our world in surfaces that are hard and uniform.  We stuff our feet into shoes every day. We sit in chairs all day. We just don’t move.
  4. No treatment stands alone.  There are just too many great treatment tools.  We are one of them. Use them all.

A great custom orthotic starts with a casting position for the foot.  The best position for casting the foot is the opposite of the deforming forces of gravity and body weight.  It is a high energy, high-arched position of the foot.  The goal of the casting position is to maximize the potential energy of the foot, and the goal of the orthotic is to control the movement from the starting position.

Rather than focus on specific bone positions they focus on maximizing the range through which the foot can function.  This optimizes both the potential energy and the elastic energy of the system.  Cast at high end of the functional range and control the foot through the low end of the range.  This range is different for everyone and the boundary conditions for the system include the individual’s anatomy and the material properties (flexibility, rigidity, structure) of their foot.

What makes a good custom orthotic effective is its consideration of the individual.  We are all different, we have different foot types, different body weights, and we are active in different ways. 

So put a little spring back into your step… they call it ‘good foot mojo’!

Contact your HealthSource Chiropractor today to get fitted for your custom orthotics today!

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